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DaFIN swim fins

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DaFiN Swim Fins Black Red

DaFiN is the most powerful yet comfortable fin in the water today. DaFiN delivers high performance in the heaviest surf conditions for lifeguards and bodysurfers while being agile enough to give any user a level of safety in the ocean.
* Performance - Unique design with Strakes balances power, control and release of each kick.
* Comfort - The soft foot pocket can be worn on either foot.
* They float!
* Eco material - 100% all natural Malaysian rubber.
* Large drain hole and triple toe drains.
* US Patent 5511999.

Both DaFiN and Kicks are manufactured in Malaysia. The factory specialises in the production of swim fins for many different brands and is the largest manufacturer of swim fins in the country.
DaFiN fins are made of high grade all natural Malaysian rubber. Malaysia produces 70% of the world’s supply of natural rubber and the factory has direct access to the highest grade natural rubber available.

DaFiN was developed by Andy Cochran, an Aussie who has made Hawaii his home for the past 30 years. Cochran had been a lifeguard at Australia ’s famous Bondi Beach and was one of Oz’s early surfing pioneers.

With input from world renowned pros in Hawaii such as Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana, Cochran developed his idea for a high performance swim fin about 10 years ago and was granted a U.S. Patent for his unique design.

DaFiN soon became standard issue equipment for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. In 2006 DaFiN was endorsed by the United States Lifesaving Association, the premier professional association of beach lifeguards and open water rescuers in the United States.

DaFiN is now used by more than 60 municipal lifeguard and fire/rescue agencies in the US and by the Junior Lifeguard programs of the USLA.