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SUB6 group sessions can facilitate a maximum of 16 people in a session in our surf school UK, they are 2.5 hours long from arrival to exiting the water. Lessons are aimed at complete beginners and an ASI Instructor will be there to guide you through a safe, fun, and technically brilliant session. These lessons are a great way to learn the sport of surfing and meet new people with similar interests.

£40 Per Person

SUB6 - Surf Lessons Portrush

SUB6 - Surf Lessons Portrush

SUB6 KIDS CAMPS 1:6 Ratio 

SUB6 kids camps run for 4 days and normally take place over Halloween, Easter and summer. The camp  has become renowned as one of the most entertaining and fun activities on the North Coast; the dedicated team has perfected it over the years. SUB6 now manages a camp that not only teaches progression in surfing but also provides educational surf safety and awareness. This teaches students about hazards at the beach like rips, winds, tides, plus other valuable knowledge. In our surf school Ireland, the team will teach you how to look after your equipment, your surroundings and also yourself and your friends in the water. Kids will learn basic beach lifeguard techniques and training which will help prevent them getting into difficulty in the ocean and provide practical knowledge of what to do if they do get into trouble while enjoying water sports.

4 Days: £160 Per Child  // 1 Day: £40 Per Child

SUB6 - Kids Surf Camps Portrush

SUB6 - Kids Surf Camps Portrush


SUB6 accommodates Primary and Secondary School groups. The team runs 8 weeks of programs giving students an insight into surf safety and awareness. Our instructors at surf school Portrush take 2.5 hour long sessions for clubs and school groups. Surf lessons are designed to offer the ultimate fun with a lot of practical learning and also  the opportunities for trainers and students to surf together. If you are interested in making the surf session more fitness-orientated then team is happy to tailor your requirements on-demand.

Over 15 people: £30 Per Person

SUB6 - Surf Lessons Portrush

SUB6 - Surf Lessons Portrush


Premium SUB6 parties are available and can be tailored to your specific needs. SUB6 will provide photos, private changing facilities, all your equipment with the highest qualified instructors on the North Coast for beginner surf basics.  The hen will receive a nail treatment voucher from Aura Skin Care or go surfing free of charge. Stags can go free of charge. Prosecco / Beer will be provided at the end of the session if this is requested.  

£40 Per Person


There will be one-on-one sessions with highly qualified and trained surf instructors to give every individual an optimal learning and fun experience. The instructors at our Surf School UK will do face-to face teaching and guide every individual to make the sessions more productive and result-oriented. This is for all the surfers whether they are beginners or intermediates. These sessions are aimed at teaching the following tricks and techniques;

  • Catching Unbroken Green Waves
  • Turning Techniques
  • More Advanced Manoeuvres

Book at top of the page link for block sessions 

1 Hour: £50 // 2 Hours: £90


Our corporate sessions have a more relaxed approach and are a great activity for large businesses, giving everyone the opportunity to unwind from the stress of office life. The basics of beach safety and surfing skills are covered along with team building exercises.

2.5 Hour Session.

Over 15 people: £40 Per Person


Stand Up Paddle (SUP) lessons with SUB6 allows you to learn and master one of the most exciting and innovative watersports. These lessons can be taught on flat water days only. Through these lessons, SUB6 teaches students about the awareness of the ocean environment, how to enter and exit the water safely, the flat water paddling technique, how to manoeuvre the board in kneeling position and a progression to standing up. At the SUB6 surf school we offer local coastal tours for intermediate SUPers who want to experience the beautiful North Coast by water. Locations include Dunluce Castle, White Rocks cliffs and caves. Custom tours are available upon request. SUP lessons can take place in a variety of locations from Ballintoy harbour where Game of Thrones was filmed to Portrush Harbour, featuring the RNLI Severn Class All-Weather Lifeboat (ALB). SUB6 provides a different perspective on the sightseeing experience of the towns, bars and restaurants on the North Coast.

£45 Per Person (2 hour Lesson) 

£60 1:1 Session (1 hour Lesson) 

SUB6 - Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours Portrush


Use of the North Coast Watersports Centre changing facilities are available for groups of 10 or more persons free of charge. Videos and edited footage or Photo packages are available on request when booking at an additional charge.