SUB6 Founder - Carl Russell

My passion for water began when I was 10 years old. There was a retro twin fin surfboard of my dad's in our garage. I knew from that point that this sport would be an integral part of my future as a keen waterman. When I asked dad what it was he said that he would take me to the North Coast and try it out.

At that time we were complete amateurs as regards checking the conditions and specifics of swell charts; it was literally a case of pack up the car with the boards and lets go on an adventure.

My first ever surf was with dad on a huge swell board, which felt like a boat. Before he had even managed to get in the water, I was cruising in on a 1ft white water, crumbler.  From that day onwards, I knew this would become an obsession.

In the past number of years I realised that it was difficult to find quality and stylish surf clothing and associated products with the sport. I felt that the best options were to search online rather than in surf stores.  

I realised that as surfing is now considered an olympic sport that athletes in addition to beginners want to purchase surf clothing and also specialised training wear as part of their preparation. Products like wetsuits, boards and specific equipment are essential and often limited in choice. There is an emerging market for cross training products considering the specific conditioning that is now part of the sport. 

Part of my training has involved gym work, yoga and Brazilian Jujitsu and surfers are now identifying with the fact that the sport involves cross training and hours in the water in order to improve overall surfing ability and lifeguarding.  

 I have focused on the brands, VISSLA, RVCA, BUELL, SISSTR, LOST APPAREL, FCS and DHD Surfboards along with my own local apparel brand SUB6 that will offer all you need in and out of the water.  SUB6 offers the most progressive store in Northern Ireland in connection with our SUB6 Surf School and Lifeguard Training courses.

I have 13 years experience of building a successful, award winning Surf School and felt that this was the appropriate time to launch SUB6. I have developed not only effective leadership skills but have gained a substantial knowledge of the ocean for teaching and informing surfers, stand up paddle boarders and potential lifeguards. 

SUB6 is dedicated to a sustainable future and aims to work mainly with eco friendly materials in order to protect our planet. 

 About SUB6

SUB6 sources brands that use recycled materials to reduce the environmental footprint on the earth. As a surfer I understand the current ecological implications on climate change. SUB6 is a company that is environmentally conscious  and plays a role in improving the environment where we surf and live.

SUB6 - About Us - Carl Russell

The North Coast of Northern Ireland is a unique area from Magilligan Point  to Cushendun. Minus 6 is the longitudinal coordinates on the map of the location from Magilligan Point to Cushendun; hence the name SUB6. 

SUB6 incorporates an online store, the teaching of surfing, stand up paddle boarding and lifeguard training all under one company.

SUB6 - About Us