Women Winter Wetsuit

Womens winter suits are designed similarly to mens wetsuits in that they are thick neoprene which provide surfers with warmth and protection.

The wetsuit seals and materials used prevent the elements, and help to maintain the body temperature.

At SUB6, we offer a wide range of fine-fitting womens wetsuits, including the womens wetsuit brand, Sisstr, which is the sister brand of Vissla, a well known and high quality wetsuit brand. These are all priced reasonably and can be viewed on our online SUB6 Surf Store.

Women looking for a new wetsuit, or those who are upgrading an old wetsuit will have a wide range of options available to them at the SUB6 surf shop, with options ranging in design, fit, style and material. Depending on the womens requirements, be those advanced or novice, SUB6 has a brand and fit for each and every single requirement.