Wetsuit Boots are made of thick neoprene and also have a strong rubber sole, making them an amazing accessory for those who are involved in watersports. For wetsuit boots, the main benefit is the warmth they provide to surfers in the water. On top of the essential warmth they provide, they also ensure that your feet are protected. 

The thickness of the neoprene and the hard outer body of the boots ensure the warmth and safety of the feet of surfers. Wetsuit boots are extremely protective, and are suitable for every type of watersports including Surfing, Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, and Waterskiing.

There are two design styles on offer when you are considering purchasing wetsuit boots; round toe, which is typically the more popular choice, or split-toe which offers you a more flexible design while in water.  

 SUB6 Surf Store offers a range of full-proof Wetsuit Boots that come in a variety of designs, sizes, styles, and shapes at reasonable costs. SUB6 surf stocks everything from high-quality brands to budget boots. Flexibility, coziness, long-lasting capacity, and thickness of the material have never been an issue with surfers using Vissla & Buella branded wetsuit boots. A number of the split toe, round toe, high-end, and low-end wetsuit boots are available in different designs at SUB6 store.

Summer and Winter Wetsuits

Without a wetsuit, enjoying watersports in the harsh conditions of the ocean can be a short lived experience. However with a wetsuit, surfers are not only protecting their body from the water conditions, but also allowing for a more prolonged session in the water.

Therefore, a huge number of water sports lovers prefer to surf wearing high-quality wetsuits. The protection of surfers is the top priority when wetsuits are being designed. They are made with a high quality neoprene, with recycled materials being used in the Vissla range, ensuring the ultimate protection of surfers. Additionally, they ensure that they body temperature is regulated through the surfers time in the water. The impact of waves and wind chill factor can harm the body without the use of a wetsuit, therefore choosing a wetsuit that can ensure surfers are protected against all of the elements.

SUB6 Surf Store offers high-quality wetsuits from a range of  popular brands, all of which are made of high-quality synthetic rubber, having the capacity to withstand the impact of the waves and windchill. SUB6 stocks every type of wetsuit, so whatever the surfers seek whether its summer wetsuits, winter wetsuits, full wetsuits, and shortie wetsuits, SUB6 has a wide variety to choose from. They all are well suited and designed for different levels of watersports, be it from beginner level, right through to expert level. 

The more well renowned brands Vissla and Buell are stocked at SUB6 life and prove to be a popular choice for surfers time and time again. Vissla is an eco friendly wetsuit brand which is made from recycled materials, and the Buell brand is the preferred wetsuit brand for pro surfer, Jamie O’Brien.

Wetsuit Gloves

Nomatter what water sport you are partaking in, your hands are exposed to the harsh elements throughout your entire time in the water. It is essential that when you are Surfing, Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, and Waterskiing that you are choosing an appropriate wetsuit gloves for your activity. The use of wetsuit gloves is the only solution for the protection of your hands while enjoying water sports, protecting against all natural elements you are in touch with while surfing.

SUB6 Surf Store has a wide range of collections of wetsuit gloves from popular brands, for all sizes and all budgets as well. They are made of high-quality and thick neoprene, therefore they have the capacity to prevent the outer force and friction from harming your hands. The SUB6 comprehensive range of full-proof wetsuit gloves are amazing for surfers who are looking for a long-lasting surfing wetsuit. Wetsuit gloves are available with full wetsuit as well as separately.