Buell Wetsuits

SUB6 offers their customers a comprehensive range of smart Buell wetsuits for both men and women including winter hooded Buell wetsuits and summer surfing Buell wetsuits. The Buell brand uses the latest technologies to design impeccable long-lasting wetsuits to offer surfers more fun and freedom as well as a high level of comfort while surfing. The inner materials used in Buell Wetsuits are very soft and thick which help to keep the body temperature warm. It also absorbs the sweat of the surfers and protects the skin from getting hurt while they are in the water. The outer materials of the Buell Wetsuits are also designed to be capable of withstanding stronger airflow and water. The design and durability of the Buell wetsuits mean that they are the first choice for wetsuits from thousands of expert surfers.

In addition to the Buell wetsuits, SUB6 also offers a wide range of Buell surfing products including wetsuit gloves and  modernly designed surfboards. The Buell range has been designed with advanced surfers in mind.