Janga 4/3mm Copy Cat Dotmania - Chest Zip wetsuit for women

£260.00 £208.00

Janga COPYCAT wetsuit is an individual approach and a standout from the masses.

One of JANGA most wanted by our Team Riders and Janga Crew

D O T M A N I A 

C O P Y C A T _  43MM

Do expect the best we are ready to fulfill all your highest expectations.

  • Top Notch JANGAprene
  • Green Line . Earth friendly features.
  • Super stretch and gummiest neoprene
  • Quick Dry inside Lining
  • Thermo selected Areas and RED VELVET TECH.
  • Hand taped indide
  • Light weight
  • Kevlar Kneepads
  • 3x stitched and GBS
  • Reeinforced stress points
  • Mindblowing wetsuit
  • All year round