Thunderbolt Technologies 

Thunderbolt Technology utilizes advanced materials and technology to decrease weight while enhancing performance, flex characteristics, board control, and durability. Mass-produced epoxy boards are corky and stiff. While light and durable, they simply don't ride well. But Thunderbolt's hand-built boards take superior epoxy materials to an entirely different level. These boards provide the feel and sensitivity of a good poly board, but deliver performance far beyond traditional epoxy pop-out constructions. Indeed, those who ride these high-tech epoxy boards claim they actually feel better than polyurethane.

Thunderbolt boards are 100% hand layups. They begin with an EPS foam core with multi-component carbon fiber stringer systems that produce engineered flex and twist for a more lively, responsive performance. Proprietary designs employing internal carbon fiber components are then arrayed in the deck and bottom of the deck for precise flex control and strength.

The core shield PVC provides flexible protection to increase strength and durability without compromising the flex and twist characteristics built into the blank. With ample carbon fiber and fiberglass in the deck, bottom, and rails, these boards both outperform and outlast traditional PU boards and other epoxy designs.


THUNDERBOLT TECHNOLOGY is a completely new surfboard construction that uses superior materials and technology to reduce weight while improving performance, flex, control and durability.

Mass-produced epoxy surfboards have poor flexibility and are difficult to handle. However, surfboards made with THUNDERBOLT TECHNOLOGY offer a different riding feel, even though they use epoxy. The ride is on par with a good conventional surfboard, and the performance is far superior to that of ordinary epoxy surfboards. In fact, surfers who have already used them have given them higher marks than polyurethane surfboards.

The internal structure is based on a high-density EPS core. The stringers do not use regular wooden bands, but instead use carbon fiber T-stringers in the center of the board, which are manufactured from blanks. In addition, multiple carbon fiber strips are placed on the deck and bottom to control the board's flex and twist. The outside of the foam is covered with a PVC core shield, which increases durability and strength without compromising performance or flex. The glassing is 100% hand-laid up. It is done by hand by skilled craftsmen.

Thunderbolt technology is divided into three constructions, black, red, and silver, by changing the laminate material and balance based on this core internal structure. These constructions, which have been adjusted to the finest detail such as flex, twist, and weight, have different characteristics and take all longboard riding to the next level, from classic nose riders to progressive styles with excellent performance.







Carbon Fiber Lamination
Competition Weight & Flex


The construction that places the most emphasis on performance is the Black. In order to realize the aggressive riding required for competition and smooth and vertical movement even in large waves, the focus is on maximizing the performance of the Thunderbolt technology. The characteristic of the

structure is that it uses 6oz carbon fiber for the laminate and combines it with 2oz fiberglass. With the lightness and flexibility of carbon fiber, the Black is surprisingly lightweight and has a fast flex and response throughout the board. It is possible to draw maneuvers at will, from hard ripping in large waves, roundhouse cutbacks on full rails, to tube riding.






Fiberglass Lamination
Competition Weight & Flex


It is an all-round construction that combines classic and high performance. The laminate uses 6oz + 4oz fiberglass for the deck and 6oz + 2oz fiberglass for the bottom. It is lighter than a conventional PU longboard, but has a moderate weight, so it combines excellent performance with the taste of an old school longboard. It can handle small waves of 1ft to overhead waves while feeling the ride of a longboard. You can enjoy both classical riding and aggressive maneuvers such as long nose riding, drop knee turns, and roller coasters while spraying.

The red is heavier than the black, making it less susceptible to choppy conditions with strong winds and easier to control.






Fiberglass Lamination
Classic Feel with Enhanced Response


Silver is a construction that gives you a classic riding feel. The laminate uses 6oz + 6oz fiberglass for the deck and 6oz + 4oz fiberglass for the bottom, making it heavier than other constructions. This increases the sense of glide and cruising, making traditional riding possible. Of course, it has the performance and flex of the Thunderbolt, so it is easy to control the board delicately, such as quick pivot turns and setting up in the pocket of the wave. You can enjoy old school log riding, such as hang fives and hang tens in small waves, and trimming in curls.