Chilli Surfboard - Nevada - 5' 11"


Size 5'11 "
Width 19 "
Thickness 2 3/8 "
Volume 27.70
Tail Shape: Round square

Fin System: Futures 3 fin setup
Construction: PU Stringer
Wave Size: 0 - 1.5 m
Skill Level: Professional, Advanced, Intermediate
Wave Type: All Types of Waves

The latest creation of Chilli as a high performance shortboard. He wanted to create something out of Spawn (the current high-performance model par excellence from Chilli Surfboards), that would be an easy transition from your small wave boards, catch waves easily, pass through dead sections and do it all with ease and performance.

This model has the volume distributed throughout the board, from nose to tail (while Spawn has the majority in the center). A new and simple feeling of rails allows carving to be easy and tolerant. The round square tail gives you a little more area (as opposed to squash tail, narrower) and the rocker starts a little flatter at the top (speed), gradually accentuating in the middle and continuing firmly to the tail, offering -you perform in the steepest sections.
The concave was one of the main factors in the test of this board. It starts at medium depth under the chest and becomes flatter along the tail, giving you release when you need it most when cornering.