Chilli Surfboard - Hot Knife - 6' 2"


SIZE  6'2 "
WIDTH  19 7/8 "
THICKNESS  2 3/4 " 
VOLUME   35.50

Tail Shape: Hip Round Square
Fin System: FCS 2 3 fin setup
Construction: PU Stringer
Wave Size: 0 - 1.5 m
Skill Level: Professional, Advanced, Intermediate
Wave Type: All Types of Waves

Hot Knife is exactly as the name implies: like a hot knife in butter. This board is the combination of two popular Chilli models (Peri Peri and Stepdown 2), resulting in what can only be described as a complete all-around shortboard.

This particular model was tried and tested by one of Chilli's greatest team riders, Jay Davies. This board is super easy to surf and "tolerant" in all conditions.

OUTLINE: Classic of shortboard slightly fuller in the front, being its main characteristic a slight hip in the mark of the lateral ends. This creates a straighter tail rail for speed and drive, and a slightly wider square tail completes the hip for fast, predictable turns.

ROCKER: Fast medium input for smooth / flat output, the focus of this model is speed with the right amount of curve to allow smooth adjustments between maneuvers.

CONTOURS: (Derived from the much loved Peri Peri model), single concave along the nose for double concave between the feet and V at the tail exit. This combination creates great speed in the take-off, super smooth rail-to-rail transitions, and a sense of control when finishing the turns.

PERFORMANCE: There are two outstanding attributes in this model. Firstly, the tail rockermais flat with V-outlet promotes continuous speed and smooth rail transitions. Second, the hip on the outline makes the board super dynamic and responsive on the rear foot. Overall, Hot Knife maintains speed and responds well with a sense of predictability and control, making it a pleasure to surf everyday conditions.

Jay Davies weighs 93 kg and uses the standard 5'10 '' Hot Knife series. Choose the desired volume or download 2-3 inches from your current shortboard.