Chilli Surfboard - A2 - 6' 0"


SIZE 6'0 "
WIDTH 19 "
THICKNESS 2 7/16 "
VOLUME  29.50

Tail Shape: Squash
Fin System: FCS 2 3 fin setup
Construction: PU Stringer
Wave Size: 1 - 2.5 m
Skill Level: Professional, Advanced
Wave Type: All Types of Waves

This is an exciting launch for Chilli. A board that has been slightly modified over the last year through the Project Black program. Tested and loved by the Team, it was necessary to give it a name and launch it to the public. And here begins the story of this board ... The original CAD file was called 'ai8curve.cet' with a creation date of around 2003, and has been kept in the archives of James' Macbook. At the time, this model (called 'a2 curve') was made for many top surfers, but also used (and loved) by none other than Andy Irons in 2003 and 2004 (his "prime"). Since then, machines, software and files have quickly become out of date with the development of new software and new CNC machines, allowing James to resurrect some old "gold files", this being one of them.